Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Random things about me

Ok, here goes....

1. I met the King of Monte Carlo (Monaco) He was Prince Albert then
2. My oldest Kenzie will be 17 in April, the same age as when I had her! YIKES!!!!!
3. I play tennis 4-5 times a week.. I would play more if I could.
4. I have an obsessive personality.. If I start something I usually get obsessed with it, til I get tired of it then I move on to a new obsession, tetris, digital yahtzee, reading, online shopping, decorating, taking pictures, facebook, blogging just to name a few
5. I wrecked my parents car on the way home from getting my drivers license
6. I feel guilty cuz I didnt want to be pregnant with Gavin,, but now he is the Light of my life
7. I LOVE Diet coke. I need a fountain drink at ALL times, if not then I need a 12 pack in the fridge or I get anxiety. Seriously anxiety!! I know.. Weird
8. My favorite job was working in the ER. I loved it. I will finish nursing school when Gav is older
9. Maddie is a Clone of me. In looks and personality. It worries me, I dont want her to make the same mistakes I made.
10. I am a party planner... I love to plan parties, trips, dinners, all sorts of "fun" events. I like to be in charge of it. Kind of a control freak I guess but in a good way.. I think???
11. I wanted to be an archaeologist, I love history and learning and seeing old architecture. I would love to dig up treasures
12. I started going gray at 17, and would be completely gray by now if I didnt color my hair every 6 weeks.
13. I hate doing my hair.. I ususally dont do it unless I'm going out or to church or something.
14. Laundy is my arch nemesis.. I hate it, and with 5 kids its never ending! I need a maid..
15. Ok I have a maid to clean cuz that is another of the things I hate doing.. I feel guilty, but not enough to do it myself.. And its only a couple times a month. (thats me justifying)
16. I met Geoff online on a LDS website. YES I finally Admited it! lol
17. I love to decorate my house. I usually do one room at a time but then move to another room before the final touchs are finished.
18. I love to go out. Dinner, movies, plays, sporting events, I enjoy dressing up and going out without kids.
19. My kids think I'm a party mom. I was always planning fun things to do with them. Taking them to movies, nicklecade, tree house, childrens museume, swimming, to name a few. They are actually spoiled cuz they always ask, so what are we doing today. Like everyday is a party! Its gotten harder since Ive had the baby so we havent done as much. Plus they were starting to expect it instead of appreciating it. I think I do it to stay busy..
20. I'm a BIG CLUTZ, I trip, fall, stuble, bump into everything! I have bruises and cuts and burns all over my body. I once skied under a car on my way to the parking lot!
21. I love traveling. In the next few years I want to travel to Portugal (where Geoff served his mission) Italy, France, Spain... just to name a few. I especially loved traveling to Italy and would move there in a second.
22. I have a few Good friends, but would love to get closer to more friends
23. I enjoy cooking, especially for people that appreciate it... there is always one of my kids who "hate" what I make that night
24. I'm alergic to all animals that shed hair
25. I love getting massages... Its my Favorite thing!!!


MegBass said...

I learned a few things about you! Those are all great things, I'm so glad your my sister!

Angela said...

Wow you actually updated your blog...I figured you forgot your password or something...It has been like 2 months...

spenceandcass said...

I totally hate doing my hair too! I've invested in a few cute hats.